About us

Ferrum-steel LLC

is a modern foundry with a full production cycle, from the preparation of metallurgical raw materials to the manufacture of products from ferrous metals. The production capacity is about 3000 tons of foundry products per year.

Ferrum-steel LLC specializes in the production of cast iron of the brand: GG 20, GG 25, GG 30, GGG–35.3, GGG40, GGG 50, GGG 60, GGG 70, GGG 80. Products are manufactured for agricultural machinery, railway transport, automotive, mechanical engineering, and construction industry.

Today the company employs about 70 people. The main consumers of our products are enterprises of Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Moldova and Uzbekistan. In addition to serial production, we accept orders for the manufacture of castings according to customer’s drawings.

The molding section of the enterprise includes an Automatic Horizontal Parting Flaskless Molding Casting Machine with a flask size of 600x700x300x300 mm and an Automatic Horizontal Parting Flaskless Molding Casting Machine 1000x1000x300x300. Among the molding processes, preference is given to sandy-clay wet molding and cold-hardening mixtures.